Do you guys remember these terrible ads from 2010 advertising the Fisker Karma? Nearly eight years on, the Fisker Karma has been reborn as the Revero. Production of the, hopefully, improved sedan actually began this past summer at the company’s billion-dollar Delaware factory.

I say “hopefully”, because the Fisker Karma was one of the worst cars ever built. That’s not me saying that, by the way. That’s Consumer Reports and Jalopnik. Two sides of the automotive enthusiast spectrum, in other words, coming together to declare this thing- in “sexy” 2010 form, at least- being a steaming pile.


Everything Wrong With the Fisker Karma in 90 Seconds

I’ve seen a few sidebar ads here and there in the interim- but they’re nothing like the two overly sexual and sophomoric ads I shared, above. Those old Fisker ads are so over the top, though, that I really have to wonder if they were even real. Was this some kind of April Fools’ joke that I’ve forgotten the context of? Let me know, if you know, in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Sources | Images: Fisker (maybe), Jalopnik, and Consumer Reports.