For a company founded during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, Peugot is certainly not stuck in the past. The company recently announced that it will be releasing an all-electric version of the 2008 SUV, dubbed the e-2008. The e-2008 is the first electric SUV for the French automotive company, who plans to electrify all off its vehicles by the year 2023.

Earlier this year, Peugot released their 208 five-door sedan, giving the buyer the option of choosing between a 100% electric, gasoline, or diesel powertrain. This “choose your Peugeot” campaign is now being extended to the 2008 SUV, a bestseller in Europe and parts of Asia. The e-2008 will feature a 100kW electric motor and will come with a 50kWh battery. This will give the compact SUV a range of up to 210 miles on a single charge. Using rapid charging, the battery will be able to receive an 80% charge in just 30 minutes. Using conventional chargers, the process will take between five and eight hours. The battery pack will be located under the floor of the car to ensure that interior space will not be compromised. Buyers will also be able to pre-set charging times and check current charge levels remotely using the MyPeugeot® app on their smartphones.

According to David Peel, Managing Director of Peugeot UK: “The all-new 2008 SUV is the second vehicle introduced into the Peugot range where the customer can choose from a conventional petrol or diesel engine, or a 100% electric variant without compromising on technology, looks or driving sensations. We strongly believe in choosing your Peugeot and then choosing your powertrain. The all-new 2008 SUV is also another step forward in our commitment of having an electrified version, across our entire Peugot range, by 2023.”

The body of the 2008 is fairly small with smooth lines and a modern look. While the different versions of the SUV are almost totally similar, Peugeot has announced that there will be a few subtle exclusive details for the electric version including:

  • A sparkling Lion emblem, with reflections alternating between green and blue depending on the angle of view
  • An “e” monogram on the front side panel and tailgate
  • A body colored chequered front grill
  • Exclusive seat upholstery on the e-2008 SUV GT
  • Animation of specific information illustrating the operation of the powertrain in real time, accessed through the 3D digital instrument panel and can also be projected, like a hologram, via the color

Pricing for the e-2008 which is set to debut in early 2020 has not been revealed as of the date of this writing. The base price of the electric version of Peugeot’s 208 sedan has been set at €30,450, so it will certainly be north of that. Peugot has not offered any of its vehicles to consumers in North America since 1991, but that is about to change. The company confirmed in February of this year that it will be returning to the U.S. and Canada in the company’s annual report.

What do our readers think about the e-2008? Would you consider buying a Peugeot when they return to the Western Hemisphere? Please leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.