Season 5 is shaping up to be a big year for Formula E. This year we’ll see all-new cars capable of running the full race distance and the addition of F1 stars Felipe Massa, Pascal Wehrlein, and Stoffel Vandoorne, both of which should ramp up the quality of the show, significantly. There’s more to the new Season 5 cars than extra range and new, “Batmobile” looks, however. They’re fast. Really fast.

BMW Andretti driver António Félix da Costa set the pace for last week’s pre-season testing in Spain, setting the bar at 1:16.977. For those of you paying attention, that’s nearly 5 (five) full seconds faster than Oliver Turvey’s Season 4 pace lap. (!)

That whole BMW Andretti team seems fast, by the way– and definitely the team to watch with da Costa’s BMW teammate, Alex Sims, setting the third fastest time of the week. When asked about it, da Costa replied that, “Alex is good. He’s quick! He’ll be a pain in the ass!”

Which, you know, is what you want in a racing series. Right? Drivers being a massive pain to other drivers and not one car or team running away with the whole thing year after year is better, right? I mean, sure, there will be a few gimmicky bits to the racing. There is a “Mario Kart” aspect to the Hyperboost feature that’s being added to Formula E this season is one gimmick, while the immersive, “live action video game” is another gimmick. It’ll be good, though– I think!

That’s my take, anyway. What about you guys? Is the 2018/19 season of Formula E going to be the one that finally delivers on the electric racing series’ initial promise, or will it be another year of has-beens and never-will-bes chasing each other in a massive, electric PR stunt? You know what to do!


Source | Images: Formula E, via Jalopnik.