Earlier today, Ferrari pulled the wraps off its highly anticipated and technologically advanced 2016 Formula 1 challenger- a car that is markedly different from the Scuderia’s 2015 challenger that won just 3 races in 2015.

Visually, the car is very different. In addition to the new, more Marlboro-y livery, the front of the latest Ferrari Formula 1 car has more in common with the very fast Williams design from last year, going with more of a “finger” crash structure. The new car, which has been dubbed the SF 16-H (for “Scuderia Ferrari, 2016 Hybrid”), is also visually narrower towards the rear to take advantage of the newly repackaged power unit and battery layout we highlighted a few weeks ago.

Ferrari technical chief James Allison has high hopes for the new, narrower design of the SF 16-H. “It isn’t true to say that one area has done any better than any other area. We’ve improved across the board,” he told interviewers. “Horsepower, downforce, handling, everywhere … All our hopes are in this car, we’re very proud of what we’ve done, and we can’t wait to see it run on track.”

In addition to the redesigned sidepods and narrower “Coke-bottle” of the new car, a return to a more conventional push-rod front suspension (as opposed to the pull-rod design that, despite high hopes, has plagued Ferrari since 2012) should make the car a bit easier for Ferrari’s all-Champion driver lineup to push the car to its limits.

Will the changes be enough to catch the Mercedes/AMG hybrids that have dominated the sport for the last two years? We’ll see soon enough, but that’s no reason to stand in the way of warrantless speculation and immature name-calling, is it? Let us know what you think of Ferrari’s hopeless 2016 campaign in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Wear your flame suit!


2016 Ferrari SF 16-H Revealed

Source | Images: Ferrari, via Motorsport, F1 Fanatic.