Ford Motor Company has unveiled radical new plans to start producing electric vehicles from 2010 onwards. The company will deliver an all-electric van for commercial fleet use in 2010, an all-electric sedan in 2011 and a ‘family’ of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and EVs by 2012.

Ford also said in a submission to Congress that full details of its ‘accelerated vehicle electrification plan’ will be announced at next month’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The strategy forms part of a major global restructuring at the ailing manufacturer as it aims to ride out the pressing financial difficulties facing the industry. The company also hopes the bold strategy will justify its plea for a slice of a proposed $25 billion bailout for U.S. car-makers. The question is though, will this prove to be too little too late?

Download – Ford Motor Company Business Plan (PDF)

Download – Congressional Submission Appendix (PPT)

Image Credit – AndrewEick via flickr.com on a Creative Commons license