Despite what seems to be an about-face at CES 2018, Ford still hasn’t brought a new, electrified vehicle to market since 2013. Worse, the company seems content to let China lead the way in electrification, and only seems interested in EVs insofar as they keep the Blue Oval relevant over there, as opposed to over here.

You know who else noticed that? The Sierra Club- and they’ve produced a well-executed attack ad on Ford’s attempts to roll back the upcoming CAFE fuel economy standards in order to keep selling low-tech, high-margin pickups like the F250 SuperDuty shown, above. A segment that hasn’t seen the same kind of fuel economy and efficiency gains that other segments have in recent years. You can check that claim against this graph from Green Car Reports, below.



Granted, trucks like the Ford F150 and Chevy Silverado certainly have their uses. Most of the ones I see on the drive between Chicago and Cleveland seem to haul around insecurities and sailboat fuel, though, so I’ll be siding with the (admittedly, flawed) Sierra Club stance on this one.

You can watch the video, below, which is a follow up to an open letter written by the Sierra Club’s Andrew Linhardt back in October of 2017 asking Ford to commit to the more environmentally sustainable future they’re actively resisting. That letter included a call to sign this petition, asking Ford to deliver on some of the promises they made when they accepted their massive, $15.9 billion government bailout package back in 2009 (oh, yes they did- more than GM, in fact).


Ford: Don’t Rollback the Clean Car Standards

In order to keep our air clean and our climate safe, we need to put vehicle greenhouse gas emission and fuel economy standards (clean car standards), in the fast lane, but Ford and Donald Trump are attempting to rollback vital climate and consumer protections. Transportation is the single largest and fastest growing source of emissions in the U.S. Our cars and pickup trucks account for 47 percent of oil used in the United States and nearly one third of our greenhouse gas emissions.

But for now, cleaner car standards are helping us drive away dangerous carbon pollution. In fact, these standards are the U.S.’s largest-ever effort to reduce climate pollution. By 2025, vehicle efficiency and clean car standards are expected to: nearly double vehicle efficiency; save 6 billion metric tons of dangerous climate pollution; and keep 12 billion barrels of oil in the ground.

While Ford, Volkswagen, and other major automakers stood by President Obama as he announced the standards five years ago, they’re now trying to roll back our single biggest defense against carbon pollution.

Ford may tout its commitments to sustainability and its investments in clean transportation, but behind closed doors, the auto company is lobbying the Trump administration to keep us locked into a dirty transportation system, worsening dangerous climate change and hastening its impacts. Joining Ford is scandal ridden Volkswagen. While publicly, Volkswagen is claiming to shift its focus to clean transportation and away from diesel gate, its diesel emissions scandal that pumped 20 coal plant’s worth of dangerous smog into our communities, behind the scenes the disgraced company is maneuvering with Trump and Ford to pump even more pollution into our communities, this time in the form of greenhouse gas emissions.

As soon as Trump took office, Ford and Volkswagen started going back on their word, calling on Trump and Pruitt to put the clean car standards in reverse. Earlier this year, Pruitt held a series of closed-door meetings with auto industry executives and lobbyists. A few months later, he announced that EPA would reopen and expand the scope of a review of the clean cars standards, with the likely intention of rolling them back. Duplicating the midterm review of carbon pollution standards is a waste of taxpayer money and a blatant attempt by the administration to rig the system for corporate polluters at the expense of hard-working American families.

A rollback might be what the auto industry lobbyists in Washington want, but it’s not what American families want. would be a catastrophe for American families – pumping a year’s worth of climate pollution from 150 coal fired power plants into our communities.A Natural Resources Defense Council poll found that 95 percent of Americans want automakers to continue to improve fuel economy, and 79 percent want the government to increase standards. This will further contribute to climate change, which can worsen symptoms for the 24 million Americans – including 6.3 million children – who suffer from asthma.

Surveys show that Americans in auto industry heavy states like Michigan, Ohio and Indiana want cleaner cars. If Ford and Volkswagen are successful and Trump rolls back fuel efficiency standards, not only are Ford and Trump going against the wants of the American people, but they’re putting our health and safety at risk.

We need to strengthen cleaner car standards, not roll them back, to ensure clean air and a healthy climate for our families while creating more high-paying jobs for the next great generation. Tell ford to support strong clean car standards.



Source | Images: Sierra Club, via Green Car Reports.