Sometimes, when you want to believe something, it takes an awful lot to convince you not to believe it.  It might take a lot of rejection to realize that your waitress is flirting with you for a good tip, rather than your phone number, for example.  Other times, however, it just takes a single, well-written article.

Today, that “thing that made me go:  hmm” article was Bertel Schmitt’s excellent review of a recent speech made by Bill Ford at yesterday’s ECO:nomics conference in California, where – Schmitt claims – Bill Ford revealed that the Ford Motor Company is backing away from electric vehicles.

Why do I find this one blogger’s opinion so convincing?  Schmitt himself used to write exactly this kind of speeches for top Volkswagen (among others), and he’s convinced that Ford’s “We’ve made a big bet on electric… but the pace at which that develops, I think anyone who can tell you that is lying.” comment – and the venue at which it was uttered – speak volumes.

Check out the original article over at The Truth About Cars blog for the full story.

Source:  Bertel Schmitt, via The Truth About Cars.