New 2014 Honda Cub 110

What you’re looking at here is the all-new, 2014 Honda Cross Cub 110 … and it may be the most important motorcycle launch in Honda’s storied history.

To understand why the new Honda Cross Cub is so important requires a bit of historical perspective. See, Honda’s existing Cub is a transportation icon – over the last 5 decades (!?) Honda has built and sold more than 60 million Cubs, and the original Cub was the first moped/scooter/motorcycle that a generation of baby-boomers probably owned. You met the nicest people on a Honda Cub. The Cub is the bike that, for better or for worse, separated the long-haired, Harley-riding Hell’s Angels from “decent” motorcyclists a generation or two ago, and it’s the bike that financed the research and development program that led to the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and (arguably) the decline and ultimate fall of GM. Heck, a blue Honda Cub is featured in the Ruby X video I posted earlier today!

The Cub is a big deal. It’s been in production for generations, and it’s in need of a serious technical update. The new 2014 Honda Cross Cub is that update – and it promises to take the best of Honda’s Cub and mix in the best part’s of “my” generation’s Honda icon: the Ruckus.

How does the new Honda Cross Cub measure up? It’s hard to tell, since the bike won’t enter series production until later this year. Once it starts selling in hot bike markets like Japan and Thailand, the company will have to decide whether or not to bring the bike Stateside.

Don’t hold your breath for that (we should, probably, just consider ourselves lucky to be getting the new Honda Grom) but we’ll keep you posted!

Sources: Canada Motor Guide, CustomLifeNet’s YouTube channel.