Every once in a while, it pays to obsessively check out automotive classifieds all across the nation while hunting for obscure cars to gush over. Case in point, this classic Volvo 850 wagon. It’s not just any Volvo wagon, though- this one is also a tiny house on wheels. Sturdy, Swedish wheels at that!

As a serious Swedish car fan and former full-time RVer, this one was a shot right to the heart. That $15,999 asking price, however? I dunno- seems a bit high, to me. “High”, in the sense that I don’t have $16K to toss at (what is sure to be) a project car/RV at the moment.

What about you guys? Do you think this little Volvo camper is a good buy, or are you more inclined to go the upscale, DIY cargo hauler route? Check out the pics, below, and the original Craigslist ad at this link, then let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Volvo 850 | Tiny House Conversion


  • 7′ loft bed
  • Stained glass windows
  • Skylight
  • Cedar and Aluminum construction
  • Lightweight and strong
  • 165k on motor runs like a top
  • 20+ mpg
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Mini Wine fridge
  • Self contained toilet
  • Non smoker
  • Great interior (grey cloth)
  • Featured in magazines
  • 1 piece vinyl roof
  • Butane stove
  • 6×2 head room
  • Recent tires ,brakes , radiator , water pump, timing belt
  • Fun and affordable adventure mobile!
  • Fits 9’6″ surfboards inside!
  • Lots of room for climbing gear or bikes!
  • Receipts for motor work!


Source | Images: SFBay Craigslist.