The Tesla Model X is one of Tesla Inc.’s signature car models. Launched in 2015, the Model X is a crossover Sports Utility Vehicle, with a capacity of up to seven passengers. The model is strikingly beautiful and features two electric motors and a battery pack that sits on the car’s floor, giving it an improved center of gravity. It also features double Falcon Wing doors that are hinged to the roof, instead of the side, as with most cars.

However, the doors of the Tesla Model X sometimes sound like foley for a scary movie. Many drivers have complained that when the doors open and close, or even when they drive the vehicle, they creak and squeak. Squeaks and creaks may become more pronounced when you drive over speed bumps, or on a bumpy, pot-holed road. The intensity of the sound also depends on weather conditions and during particularly cold or hot temperatures. Weather and temperature can cause the expansion and contraction of some of the metallic components of the doors, such as the hinges.

Fix Creaks Due to Loose Parts

Friction between two or more parts of the vehicle will cause the doors to creak. Fixing the creaks can be done by simply lubricating or tightening the bolts and nuts of the door panels. To do this, you will need a spray oil lubricant and a tool kit with screwdrivers and spanners.

Identify and isolate the part where the creaking noise is coming from. Try and determine whether the creaks are only heard and felt when you drive the vehicle or can be felt if the vehicle seats, for instance, are ‘shaken’ up a bit when stationary. The creaks may also be caused by loose bolts and nuts, either at the door or on the front seats. Check below the seats of the Tesla X, and adjust any nuts and bolts that you can see.

Fix Sounds from the Door Panel

If you hear a rattling sound from the doors, there could be something wrong with the door panel.

Loose Wires

A rattling sound coming from the door panel is usually caused by a loose wire or connectors banging against the door when in motion. It may also be an object, such as a debit or credit card, that possibly slid into the door panel through the window when you rolled it down. Hopefully, that is not the case, and if it is, hold onto your cards next time!

To fix a rattle, you will need to remove the door panel to check if there are any loose implements or wires that need fixing. Usually, a simple fix with felt or electrical tape insulation tape) will be all you need.

Speaker Grills

Check also that the speaker grills of the driver and passenger door are firmly in place. Press the edges of the speaker grills, and gently pull on them to ensure they are firm. Loose speaker grills will rattle against the door as you are driving and may also reduce the speakers’ sound quality. To fix the speaker grills, pull gently on edge and apply a window adhesive film to the sides, and press it in place.

Loose Clips

The rattling noise could also be caused by loose or misaligned clips in the door panels. Pry open the door panel and check on the clips to confirm that they are all in place. If they are not, clip them in nicely, ensuring that they fit well. If removing the door panel is a challenge, it may be best to leave the fixing for the mechanics down at the Tesla service center.

Book an Appointment at a Service Center

Book an appointment with a Tesla Service Centre near you and have it checked out by the professionals. While you can have the car fixed at the service center without an appointment, you will save yourself time if you call them in advance. Also, Tesla has Mobile Service Rangers that do house calls and will come to your location, which may be more convenient for you.

You will find that fixing door creaks and squeaks at the service center will probably take less than 30 minutes, but you will need to set aside at least an hour.


Creaking noises in your Tesla Model X is an annoying little problem and can be a cause of embarrassment when driving with family or friends. The reason that your car seemingly amplifies this sound is that its transmission is so quiet. With regular automobiles, the creaks and rattles may go unnoticed, as they are drowned out by the hum of the engine.

For whatever it’s worth, you need to check and fix a creaky door as quickly as possible to prevent the problem from escalating. With the tips above, you can determine what will work for you and take the proper steps. As with all Tesla Car Models, the Tesla Model X is an excellent automobile that is a pleasure to drive. Creaky doors should, therefore, not take that pleasure from you.