Henrik Fisker Motorcycle

Henrik Fisker may not own his own car company anymore, but the man is a highly talented and well-connected designer. As such, it should come as no surprise that Henrik’s career is far, far from over- and his latest project not only proves that the man is still in the game, but that he’s in it to win it. Here is the latest project from the pen of Henrik Fisker, then: the Lauge Jensen Viking.

Despite being powered by and old-school, air-cooled Harley twin, the Fisker-designed Viking motorcycle features some pretty trick parts. Most visible of these is the metalwork, which artfully blends into the seat then back into a wide fender over a (seemingly) equally-wide rear tire. It’s a neat visual trick, and one that plays well with the “hidden” rear swin-garm that’s tucked in behind the big exhaust pipes. The rear suspension is also tucked away from view, for a remarkably clean look that goes nicely with the inverted front forks and big disk brakes.

The most significant of the trick bits found on the Lauge Jensen Viking, however, is nearly invisible from a distance- that’s the carbon-composite frame, which promises to be both exceptionally lightweight and incredibly rigid. If the weight savings are there on the Viking the way they were on Henrik’s Karma sedan, then expect blistering performance from the surely powerful Viking … as well as a significant improvement over the big Harley’s typical 40-50 MPG fuel economy numbers (which, while “meh” for a bike, are still great compared to any car that will give you motorcycle levels of performance).

Here’s a few more press shots of the Viking. So far, it’s a one-off custom/concept, but the company claims that its Harley-style V-Twin is “one of the first motorcycles of its type to comply with new Euro IV emissions regulations that come into effect in 2016,” so they seem to have big plans for the bike. What do you guys think? Is it a hero, or a zero? Let us know- in the comments!










Source | Photos: Carscoops.