functional wooden vespa

An incredibly talented, devoted, and patient artist named Carlos Alberto created this fully-functional Vespa out of layers of laminated plywood. In addition to being made almost entirely of renewable materials, delivering thrilling performance, and giving back more than 100 miles of smiles for every gallon of gas you put into it, it is incredibly, unspeakably beautiful. This is the new bar for bad-a** DIY Vespa builds, kids. Pay attention.

Prior to seeing Alberto’s Vespa, I might have argued that Kings of Cruisin’s bare-metal lowrider was the ultimate Vespa build. Or maybe one of the resto-mod Scooterworks VBCs. This, however, takes a level of dedication that can’t be compared to that bike. “Dedication” isn’t the right word, maybe. “Love”, though?

Yeah, “love” is the right word.

Alberto built this wooden Vespa in his wood shop as a gift for his daughter, Daniella. The 50 cc bike is built to exacting precision, mimicking the dimensions of the old 1960s Vespas exactly, and making use of a number of vintage Vespa hardware like tires, handlebar controls, suspension bits, wheels, and more. It’s definitely a labor of love, and the most convincing advertisement for a carpenter since the New Testament.

You can see more great photos of Alberto’s wooden Vespa Daniella at his company’s website, but I’ve included my favorites, below. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Carlos Alberto, via Scooterworks.