fiat-500eThe Fiat 500e electric vehicle can be purchased outright for $32,500, or leased for a minimum of $199 per month for 36 months with $999 down in the state of California. That is substantially lower than the Honda Fit EV which is leased for $389 per month, also for 36 months, making the Fiat 500e one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market.

Journalists have called both the Fiat 500e and the Fit EV are “compliance vehicles”, which means they are required by California law to produce specific numbers of vehicles that emit no tailpipe emissions. Yet the Fiat’s affordable lease pricing could make the little electric car quite popular with middle class families looking for a second car. The $199 lease is less than what many people spend on gas in a month.

On top of their highly competitive offers. Fiat decided to try a new approach to addressing range anxiety, and without an expensive backup generator like the Chevy Volt uses. It is a free car rental service that is provided for 12 days per year via Enterprise for buyers of the Fiat 500e.

Keep in mind that it is the base price of the Fiat 500e that is $32,500. When you apply the $7,500 Federal tax credit and $2,500 California tax incentives, the Fiat 500e costs just $22,500. While still not less than the Nissan Leaf S (which can cost as little as $19,000 after tax credits) Fiat says additional company incentives could bring the price down to just $20,000.

The Fiat 500e motor produces 111 HP (83 kW) and 147 pound-feet of torquefor a 0-60 MPH acceleration time of about 9.1 seconds. It has a curb weight of 2,980 pounds, which is 600 pounds more than the gasoline-fueled Fiat 500, and has an EPA-estimated range of around 87 miles per charge, for a combined rating of 116 MPGe.

The Fiat 500e goes on sale this summer…in California only.

Source: Fiat