Electric cars are pretty powerful and can sustain high speeds for a reasonable amount of time. As engineers and electric car manufacturers make advancements in technology, we can only expect to see the real operating power of these vehicles increase. In the meantime, if you are a power junkie and want to give your electric car more oomph, here are some famous hacks.

Decrease Weight

In this case, less weight equals more power. The Tesla Model X, for example, is a pretty heavy SUV. In fact, it’s too heavy to drive over the Brooklyn Bridge, which has a weight limit of three tons per car. It’s 6,000+ lb. curb weight technically makes it a work vehicle. Though you cannot change the material out of which your car is made, you may be able to order an electric car custom, with carbon fiber structural features. It’ll be expensive and time-consuming, but it’ll certainly add to the performance.

Improve the Motor

The second hack is to improve the motor of your car. When you up the power of the current and the strength of the magnets the engine uses, you can increase the amount of energy it supplies. This means a speedier car. Always consider the balance between power versus weight, though. Weighing down the vehicle will slow it down.

Heat Management

Managing the heat the battery produces is another well-known way to improve operating power. This is why teams in Formula E use ice to cool the battery in their cars as much as possible. Batteries perform better at cooler temperatures. You can’t really rely on ice in this case, but you can purchase cooling agents to do the job.

Improve the Inverter

Another trick from Formula E: the inverters they use switch between AC and DC 10,000 times a second. If you can find an inverter that can do this at a reasonable price, it will improve the performance of your car. You may not be able to race your electric car like a Formula E car, but you’ll definitely get an added kick.

Copper Wire

Improving the quality of the copper wire is also beneficial to performance. Even though copper doesn’t rust, it can still degrade over time. This will lower overall performance. The most obvious solution to increasing power is to replace the copper wire immediately.

Rotor and Stator

Closing the gap between the rotor and the stator (the parts that generate the sparks for cylinders) can increase the interaction between these two key components. This hack carries a lot more risk. When rotating at high speeds, if these parts make contact, they can breakdown.

Air Supply

An old fashioned hack that still applies to electric cars — though it’s unusual that someone does this in an electric car — is to increase the amount of air sucked into the motor. This will cool down the motor.

Replace Magnets Regularly

Making sure the magnets in a motor are performing well is also an important step if you want to maintain optimum performance. As with the copper wire, the best thing to do is to replace these components regularly. Magnets lose their attraction, so keeping a powerful magnet helps keep a powerful car.

Wrapping Up

If Elon Musk remains correct that electric batteries will improve at a rate of 7%, then one day, these hacks may not even be necessary. Because the electric motor is so simple, for right now, there really isn’t much you can do to improve the motor itself. The best an amateur mechanic can do is make minute changes to improve the power of the electric car and make sure all the replaceable parts are up-to-date and in working order. But that is the appeal of the electric car. It is virtually maintenance-free.

Still, for what we are provided with, at its most basic, the electric cars we are afforded today are powerful machines. Sure, it isn’t a Formula E, but you can certainly put the pedal to the metal.