For the approximately 88 million Americans living in apartment complexes, condominiums, and other multi-tenant buildings, the challenge of charging an electronic vehicle may be enough to dissuade them from choosing electric. The thought of having an unreliable power supply and, therefore, an unreliable mode of transportation is a risk most are unwilling or unable to take. California-based EverCharge is here to help.

EV charging multi family buildings

Owners and residents face a lengthy process when it comes to installing EV charging infrastructure. Contractors, permits, blueprints, insurance, neighborhood cooperation, and finally execution — it’s a process that takes weeks, maybe months, and a lot of time out of your busy schedule. Maybe someone should just build a EV charging robot?

Aside from undertaking all of that, building complexes have only a limited supply of common power for everyone to share. If there are several tenants interested in charging EVs, it only gets more difficult. With a limited number of circuits and expensive additional sub panels and transferred power, drivers may not be able to charge their car at all.

How will the growing popularity of EVs coexist with current infrastructure? As reported previously, California is requiring all new buildings to be equipped with EV charging stations, and here’s a look at what installing an EV charging station looks like. But what about existing multi-tenant buildings? A solution to this dilemma is something EverCharge is looking to provide.

imageOffering “a fully managed solution coupled with power management technology” that enables buildings to increase charging capacity, EverCharge is one of only a handful of companies on the cusp of this growing demand. According to EverCharge, EV ownership has increased tenfold over the last four years, and this trend is projected to continue.

“Does the building have the available power and is it in a position to maximize that potential?” This is a question property owners and landlords may be considering more and more often as the number of tenants with EV needs continues to grow. Fulfilling the current need and leaving an open end to expand in the future, with affordable installation costs — this is what EverCharge offers. A win for tenants and owners.

The company completes the project from start to finish, increases charging capacity up to 10 times through “proprietary power management technology” while handling the permits, electricians, homeowner associations, inspections, insurance, and all the other headaches.

We like it.

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