Swedish entrepreneur Gisli Gislason is the CEO of EVEN Electric. He says selling cars today is based on a model developed a century ago — a model that is inappropriate for selling electric cars. In order to promote his vision of fossil fuel free future, he is partnering with Microsoft Sweden to further develop a new a EV sales and trading platform designed exclusively for the needs of electric car buyers and sellers.

“Planet Earth is our home, and we must take care of it by switching to EVs,” Gisalson says. “The problem is, if you go to a car dealer today, many merchants will try to sell you a fossil fuel driven car because they generate more revenue. This is because there are so few moving parts in an electric car and virtually nothing gets broken. We want to challenge this, so we decided to look for new and better ways to help OEMs to sell electric cars, and to find a technology partner to help us build the solution.”

“With our expertise and global scalable cloud services, we will together create new opportunities and a unique customer experience that not only sets the right conditions for a more efficient electric car market but also contributes to a more sustainable society. We are proud of this co-operation with high ambitions to make buying electric cars more accessible, affordable and convenient globally.”

The EV sales platform will combine the power of modern price comparison software with the latest in artificial intelligence and bot technology. The combination is expected to quickly and accurately match the needs of electric car buyers and sellers. In addition, a physical distribution channel will provide manufacturers of electric vehicles a way to showcase their products in showrooms and pop-up stores at attractive locations around the world.

“In order for this project to succeed, we need not only to make it easier and more appealing for consumers to find the right fit for their needs – we also need to make it attractive and easy for distributors and manufacturers to find buyers for their products and services,” concludes Gisli.

Niklas adds, “The co-operation with EVEN is a good example of how digital entrepreneurs can realize their ideas and reach a world market quickly and efficiently. The Nordic region has a fantastic start-up community that carries world-leading innovation, and together with Microsoft’s experience and services, we have the model to make it possible to realize them globally.” The new EV sales platform is expected to be operational in 2018.

Source: Electric Cars Report