EV charging is an important issue. For people who live in apartments or condominiums, getting access to a charging station for an EV can be a problem. If the objective is to make driving an EV a pleasant experience for everyone, this problem needs a solution. EVs should not be restricted only to single family home owners.

EV Charging

Here’s where theory and reality collide. Many apartment buildings refuse to allow chargers to be installed on the premises. When it comes to condominiums, many have agreements that prohibit the installation of EV chargers anywhere on the premises, even in garages or other places that are technically part of the owner’s space.

California has a high concentration of condominium developments. Its legislature passed Assembly Bill 2565 recently. That bill gives residents of multi-unit housing the right to install a charging station as long as they pay the costs of installation, maintenance, and electricity. They also have to agree to remove the charging equipment if they move.

A similar bill is pending in the Maryland legislature. Known as Senate Bill 168, it will eliminate restrictions against EV chargers in condo or home owner association agreements. It will also require landlords to allow the installation of chargers, according to PlugInSites.orgs. It is modeled after the California law. Critics of the bill maintain the legislature cannot unilaterally alter the provisions of existing contracts. A similar bill was introduced in Maryland last year but was never reported out of committee.

There is a company out there that specializes in charging solutions for renters and condo dwellers. It is called EverCharge and it says it can provide a dedicated, private charging station for every resident. Its smart charging technology can service up to 10 cars without an expensive upgrade to existing building wiring. The EverCharge system adds value for building owners and condo associations. EverCharge takes care of all installation, maintenance, and billing. EverCharge also carries a $1,000,000 insurance policy on each installation. That’s one of the requirements contained in the Maryland bill.

Many building owners consider charging equipment a hassle, but a professional service like EverCharge can give an apartment or condo complex an important competitive edge in a crowded market. One way or another, charging for people who don’t reside in single family homes will be an important part of the changeover from conventional cars to electric transportation.

Photo credit: EverCharge