As if Dutch leadership with EV incentives, EV charging, and EV sales wasn’t enough, the Netherlands just got another boost. The European Commission is set on giving the Netherlands nearly €33 million for EV charging infrastructure across the country.

The funding comes from the EU’s “Green Deal” program. The program is to supplement local government and private support for green programs and projects.

“Electric cars can provide real benefits to society by reducing CO2 emissions, pollution and noise,” Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner in charge of competition, said on Monday. “The Dutch public support scheme approved today will help make electric cars a viable alternative to citizens in the Netherlands by providing the necessary infrastructure, whilst keeping costs under control in line with EU state aid rules.”

The European Commission adds: “The operators of the electric charging posts will be selected through competitive tenders. The scheme will last for 3 years ending on 1 July 2018.”

In case you missed my previous articles on this, in Amsterdam (and I believe other Dutch cities), if you lack and want an EV charging station on your street (most people don’t have their own dedicated parking there), you can just request that the government install a station there. Charging is not free, but it’s a great benefit that the government will install on-street charging stations for you. Here’s more on how to use these stations:

And here’s more on broader Dutch EV incentives: