Last week, I wrote an article about Genuine’s new Lemonhead Buddy scooter, wherein I called the little scoot zippy, practical, and traffic-carving. I figured the Lemonhead to be a sweet little ride, but complained about the bike’s 30 mph top-speed … to just about anyone who would listen. One person who listened was my friend and Twist n’ Gone superstar Jeremy Hall. In addition to inventing the nacho cheese fountain, Jeremy also happens to run EnviroMoto, an online resource for go-fast scooter parts. SO, does Jeremy have a plan to make the lil’ Buddy a bit sweeter? “I can make your Buddy SCREAM!” he replied.

Game on, then.

“With tuning of any sort you need to go into it with some idea of what you want your results to be,” explains Jeremy. “Do you want more top speed and acceleration from the factory 50cc engine,or do you thirst for a track ready monster? If you’re looking at a brand-new bike like this, I think it’s the first option. We all want more power, but most of us also want to keep our factory warranty and the day-to-day reliability that comes with a new scooter. The first thing to do to meet those goals is derestrict your Buddy. To do that, you’ll need to follow these simple steps.”

1. remove your Buddy’s exhaust and remove the restrictor plate in the headers. This plate limits airflow, forcing the engine to work harder to maintain speed. This does not, by the way, negatively impact emissions, so the bike will be faster without losing its California-compliant emission levels.

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2. remove the CVT (belt-drive transmission) cover. Inside, you’ll see the variator drive face.

3. pull the variator drive face and remove the speed limiting spacer. Like the exhaust, this doesn’t negatively impact emissions.

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“Those steps should help your Lemonhead gain quite a few mph on the top end, and (because the engine is breathing easier and not working as hard to build revs) have overall better throttle response and acceleration.” If you want to go further, Jeremy suggests checking out the tech tips at ModernBuddy for more.

“Obviously, there are ways to go further,” explains Jeremy. “If you want to start changing the exhaust, The Prima brand of parts has a number of additional performance kits. The Prima Stage 1 kit comes with a performance exhaust pipe that is specifically tuned for the 2t Buddy, and it will allow your engine to build rpm’s higher in the power band increasing your top speed by about 10%. The kit also comes with rollers, jets, and a compression spring to keep your acceleration snappy. The engine will burn a bit more fuel and run a bit richer, but it’s still cleaner and gets better MPG than a car. Even a hybrid.”

For more information on Genuine’s Lemonhead, contact Genuine Scooters … and to make your Lemonhead “SCREAM!”, contact Enviromoto. For fast things with tiny wheels, Jeremy’s your man.

Source | Photos: Enviromoto.