I’m a huge fan of 3D printing, and the Energica Ego Electric Motorcycle, featuring 3-D printed parts by Windform,  is a sign of the big things 3D printing can accomplish. And for $25,000, it can be yours.

Energica is an Italian company coming from the CRP group, and the Ego will be the first Italian made fully electric bike. Specs show that the Ego can travel up to 240 km/h (150 mph) and travel up to 150 km (93 miles) on a single charge, accelerating from 0-100 mph in just 3 seconds. Nice.

The all electric zero emissions Ego will be available for purchase in early 2015 at a price of  $25,000. Not bad for a slice of the driving future.

The 3D printing aspect on this bike is no gimmick. The entire bike is rendered into a 3-D computer model part by part. Then using a carbon reinforced polyamide material manufactured by CRP Group and Windform, the 3D printers replicate the part layer by layer.  The 3D printed material is stress, oil, and water-resistant, and the parts are not just to show off in prototypes either; these are actual consumer and road ready production parts. The technology is used on the Ego to create fairings, headlight covers, and motorcycle components separately from the mechanical and electrical parts.

Additionally, 3D printing allows parts to be scanned into a computer, generate a 3-D computer file, and print out that part in the polyamide material a use that as a mold that can then be metalized and cast, though, 3D printing metal is already in its infancy.

3D printed electric bikes — I love the future.

Source: Energica