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Electric Porsche Taycan is Getting an Off-road, Rally-ready Twin

Electric Porsche Taycan is Getting an Off-road, Rally-ready Twin

The first Taycan hasn’t even hit the ground, yet, but it’s already spawning a whole line of electric Porsche models. A spiritual successor to 928 is expected (if the Taycan isn’t that, already), but the first one we’re getting is an off-road, rally-ready electric SUV.

The upcoming electric Porsche SUV will feature styling based heavily on the Mission E Cross Turismo concept unveiled earlier this year, but there’s not much more to the announcement than that. In fact, it’s barely a statement at all. The official release just reads:

The second electric athlete from Zuffenhausen: At its meeting on 18 October, the Supervisory Board of Porsche AG gave the green light for series production of the concept study Mission E Cross Turismo.

No mention of the Porsche Pit Stop charging network, what kind of name or performance we might expect, or anything else– but it’s cool. It’s definitely cool. But, maybe that’s just me. How do you feel about the news of Porsche’s new electric SUV? Are you as excited about it as you are the Taycan? Enjoy the pictures, above, then let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Porsche, via Electrek.

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