Save for the Tesla Model S and a few purpose-built drag EVs, there aren’t any pure electric cars out there that can exceed 100 MPH. Then there’s this electric golf cart build by Plum Quick Motors, which snaps down the quarter-mile is 12.2 seconds at 118 MPH, making it the fastest golf cart in the world.

This is about 15 MPH faster than the world record Plum Quick Motors set last year around this time, coasting across the quarter-mile market at about 103 MPH. What’s more amazing than the fact that this company built an electric golf cart that rivals the Chevy Camaro in performance is that there’s apparently a whole subset of people dedicated to making golf carts go hella-fast.

It’s easy to see why; whereas an electric motor setup for an EV conversion of a full-size car might cost you $5,000 easy, Plum Quick offers performance electric motors starting with the $225 “Bandit” all the way up to the $650 “Assassin.” These motors, with the right battery and supporting parts, can take a normal golf cart and turn it into a 40 MPH racing machine, and there’s a whole group of people dedicated to taking their carst well beyond the recommended limit. Another team, called Shock Therapy, made a 97 MPH 1/8th mile pass earlier this year, but it seems to me Plum Quick Motors has the edge in both the speed and golf “cartiness” categories.

Prefer full-size electric drag racing instead? They you wanna check out the 9-second Mazda Miata called Assault & Battery or the 750 horsepower electric Mustang known as Black Zombie. For those of us that can’t shell out six-figures for an electric racer though, a Plum Quick golf cart might be the next best option.