Rayvolt. That’s the name of the Barcelona-based company that’s building the sharp, classy electric bicycle that you should want desperately based on its looks, alone. Luckily, there is a lot of clever substance backing up the Rayvolt’s Spanish style.

First, the Rayvolt bikes themselves come in a wide variety of configurations. There are models ranging from cruisers to road bikes to even cargo bikes, they all carry the same classic/steampunk themes that rely heavily on upscale leatherwork and brazed copper accents. In addition to exquisite craftsmanship, there’s real technology at play in Rayvolt’s bikes, too. For example, riders can dial their e-bike’s performance up or down using a smartphone app. Everything from top speed, power, regenerative braking strength, and more can be custom-tailored to suit the rider. There’s even a built-in anti-theft tracking system (!), and the battery is removable, so it can be charged at home or at work in between rides.

As cool as all that sounds, it’s important to realize that these aren’t concepts. Rayvolt is actually building and selling these things– and they’re doing it well enough to support a dealer network that spans Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. As such, there are already many happy Rayvolt riders around the world, and one of the biggest complaints from those dealers is the long wait times caused by the high demand.

My favorite is the Ambassador, shown above. The retro/board track inspired Cruzer is their most popular model, though– and there’s even a folder that’s perfect for “last mile” commuting. Check out the pictures here, then let us know which one’s your favorite in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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Source | Lots More Photos: Rayvolt, via Electrek.