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Electric Cars Should Sound Like KITT from Knight Rider

Electric Cars Should Sound Like KITT from Knight Rider

All this nonsense talk about Linkin Park being tapped to develop electric car sounds for Mercedes got me thinking about what electric cars should, you know, sound like. Should they make mechanical engine sounds? Should they make ridiculous Star Trek sounds, like that Brabus-tuned Tesla Roadster? I know what I think they should sound like: KITT.


Kinght Rider | Classic Intro

Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve totally f***ing nailed it with KITT’s memorable whooshwhooshwhoosh sound, I’d also be open to the actual Knight Rider theme playing from the bumper.

What about you guys? Do you think I’m on to something with the nostalgia angle, or do you think Mercedes’ plans to consult with middle-aged rockers is the way forward? Do you have your own ideas? Share them, in the comments- and have fun!


Original content from Gas 2 (except, you know, the Knight Rider intro).

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