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I often write about the many advantages of electric cars over gasmobiles for consumers, but perhaps the best argument for their superiority simply lies in how satisfied owners are with their cars. Survey after survey finds that electric car owners are very happy with their cars. In fact, Chevy Volt owners were the drivers most satisfied with their cars for two years before the Tesla Model S took the crown, and has held it ever since. The last time a non-EV topped the charts was in 2010!

Our recent EV owner/lessee survey found that a very solid 96% (893) of the 929 respondents were happy they bought or leased their EVs. Under 3% (26 respondents) responded “Meh,” and just ~1% (10 respondents) said they weren’t happy that they bought/leased their cars. Granted, this survey was just shared on EV-oriented websites (CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and Gas2) and communities (the Tesla Motors Club forum and EV-oriented subreddits on reddit), where I assume people are more excited and positive about EVs, but nonetheless….

EV Satisfaction 3

A survey of EV drivers in California found 92% of them were “extremely satisfied” (54%) or “satisfied” (38%) with their EVs. Even better, a survey of EV drivers in Norway found an insane 100% were “very satisfied” (91%) or “satisfied” (9%) with their EVs. Results from each of these surveys were again obtained from this recent UK study (h/t Herman Trabish).

EV Satisfaction 2

EV Satisfaction 1

Hard to beat that. And we’re just getting started!

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