Last week, Electra Meccanica took a major step forward in becoming a for-real car company by simply delivering a production car to an actual customer. It was the company’s first US delivery of the small- but quick!- Solo electric three wheeler. The delivery was handled personally by former IndyCar driver Dominic Dobson, who is EM’s Solo representative on the West Coast.

Sharp-eyed readers who understand how car sales work will have notice the implication here, but I’m happy to spell it out for the rest of you: the Solo has been US-certified and is now fully road-legal.

That certification is, in itself, a huge achievement- one that Electra Meccanica’s CEO, Jerry Kroll, is rightly proud of. “This achievement is indicative of our commitment to excellent quality and safety,” he explained in a statement. “To be federally certified in the United States now opens the SOLO to the biggest electric vehicle market in North America(!)”

That means that, if you want a Solo of your very own, you can have an 82 HP, 82 MPH trike for about $15,000 (US). You may have to wait a few weeks, sure- but they’re already in customer’s hands. That’s more than the poor guys and gals who put money down on an Elio can say– but that’s just my take on things. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Electra Meccanica, via Elektrek.