Kymco has been producing solidly-built and reliable scooters, ATVs, and side x sides for years. Recently, though, the Taiwanese manufacturer has set its sights on the motorcycle industry. Specifically, the electric motorcycle industry. Its opening salvo was revealed last week at EICMA, and here it is: the Kymco SuperNEX electric motorcycle.

Kymco claims the SuperNEX will sprint from 0 to 60MPH in less than 2.9 seconds and hit its 155 MPH top speed in less than eleven. The SuperNEX will make extracting these Tesla-threashing performance figures child’s play by employing Kymco’s Full Engagement Performance (FEP) traction control system and launch control.

There’s more to those software settings than just ultimate performance, however. FEP will help riders control wheelies and wheel slip during launch, as well stoppies and rear wheel lift during hard braking, ensuring every kiloWatt gets to the rear wheel with minimal loss … or, you know, maximum loss. Depending on what you want, you know?

You can check out the official press photos of the Kymco SuperNEX, above. For the moment, it’s just a concept– but Kymco has a history of taking on the big guys. With Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, and Honda all looking at an electric future, Kymco may see an opening and push this thing to market first. Will it be successful? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Kymco, via Paul Tan.