The ability to reduce fuel consumption during driving will reap you several rewards. The first reward you will receive is spending less at the fuel pump. Even if you can only manage to save fuel ever so slightly, it will still help to keep your wallet padded.

Cars equipped with an internal combustion engine (gasoline or petrodiesel-powered vehicles), reducing fuel consumption would also mean limiting carbon emissions. This applies to electric vehicles (EVs) as well. Fuel consumption reduction for electric cars may also help reduce climate change, and the environment thanks you for that.

To gather your rewards, use eco mode when you drive! Eco mode is a feature available on most modern cars, be it an electric or internal combustion engine. Many people rely on eco mode to save a little bit of energy. However, is it safe to enable eco mode all the time, no matter what the situation? Let’s find out!

What is Eco Mode and How Does It Work?

Before we consider the safety of enabling eco mode all the time, let’s make sure that we understand how it works. Eco mode stands for “economical mode.” This mode is useful for decreasing the car’s engine fuel consumption by sacrificing a portion of the car’s performance.

The way eco mode works is that it will prompt your car to decrease throttle responsiveness, which in turn reduces acceleration, as well as top speed. When you press the gas pedal while the eco mode is active, you will notice that it takes longer than usual for your car to speed up. Different cars may implement eco mode differently, but the fundamental principle is the same. By limiting the performance of your engine and transmission, eco mode ensures that you can cover more miles with the same amount of fuel.

Eco mode does not just reduce throttle; some models will also cut down the car’s inefficient air conditioning output. Doing this will alleviate the burden on the compressor, resulting in further energy conservation.

Does Eco Mode Truly Save Fuel? Any Side Effect?

Yes, eco mode is proven to save fuel. Eco mode inhibits swift acceleration, making the engine use less electricity/gas. Fuel Economy suggests that drivers can potentially save about 10% of gas mileage from enabling eco mode.

As for potential side effects, apart from reduced performance, the eco mode will not hurt your car’s engine in any way. Keep in mind, however, that you should use eco mode the way it intended to. While the eco mode is on, you might feel that the pedal is harder to press. This is done to accommodate reduced acceleration. Unless necessary, don’t try to make up for the lack of responsiveness by over-pressing the pedal. It will only negate the cost-saving benefit.

Is it Ok to Use Eco Mode All the Time?

Experts agree that there’s zero harm in using eco mode all the time regardless of where you drive. Some people even claim that their ride is more comfortable in eco mode. As we have said, the eco mode reduces vehicle responsiveness. So, if you feel that acceleration in normal mode is too jerky, you can turn your eco mode on to gain a smoother ride.

The ideal situation to use eco mode is when you drive around urban or suburban areas. In these areas, it’s unlikely that you need to drive your car at high speeds. Moreover, decreased acceleration is not a problem if you drive around the neighborhood to buy groceries or to go to work.

On the contrary, it’s not recommended to use eco mode while driving on a highway. When you drive on a road designed for long-distance driving, you might feel the need to have more acceleration and speed. Still, it’s only a recommendation. You can choose to use eco mode on any road.

Bottom Line

Leaving your eco mode on all the time won’t expose your car’s engine to any danger. You can enjoy a smoother ride, save fuel, and even some green when eco mode is enabled. Just remember that eco mode reduces the car’s snappiness, so refrain from aggressive driving.