By Steve Hanley

Thank you to eBay Motors for sponsoring this post and helping me find the perfect parts to upgrade my trusty Honda Civic that was a bit worn down after a few too many winters.

This post was written by me through an activation with eBay and Hire Influence. Although I received compensation for participating in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

eBay Motors* is your source for auto parts, whether you drive a lifted pickup truck or an ordinary sedan, a motorcycle or an ATV, we all need parts every once in awhile. Traditional auto parts stores don’t alway have precisely the part you need and their prices can be intimidating. To make matters worse, they are often inconvenient to get to with hours that may not be convenient for your schedule.

Easy Vehicle Upgrades with eBay Motors

Why eBay Motors is a great marketplace for car parts

eBay Motors is always open. With an extensive inventory of vehicles and parts, you can quickly and easily find the exact part for your car whether it is a starter for a 1964 Chevelle or an alternator for a 2015 Camry. 81 percent of items sold are new and 88 percent of the items sold on eBay can be purchased with the buy-it-now feature, no bidding necessary.

The homepage is divided into several easy-to-search sections for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. There is even a section for marine applications. It’s just as easy to shop via the eBay app. Simply tell eBay Motors what the year, make, and model of the car you are searching for and it will direct you to the proper section in less than a second. eBay’s Fitment technology and “My Garage” feature stores your car profile in the future, so you easily see which parts are compatible with your vehicle every time you comeback. It also reduces returns or wrong part purchases.

Honda Civic Upgrades with eBay Motors

Recently I decided it was time to replace some of the items on my daily driver, a Honda Civic with 114,000 miles on it. It runs fine but could use some TLC. Thanks to eBay Motors, I was able to order a number of appearance and maintenance items to bring it back to near new condition.

For reliability sake, I decided to replace the original spark plugs and accessory drive belt. A new air filter and cabin filter were included as well. The original hubcaps had started to peel in places, making the car look older than than it is. Somewhere, a close encounter with a snow bank had dislodged the black plastic cover that fits into the space where the right hand fog light should be, so I ordered a new one of those.

Easy Vehicle Upgrades with eBay Motors

Before:scratched, banged up hubcaps

Easy Vehicle Upgrades with eBay Motors

Shiny new hubcaps from eBay Motors

Inside, the floor mats that came with the car are dirty and worn after more than five New England winters. So I ordered a set of OEM replacement mats in the right color for my car.

All the parts were shipped directly to my door, most of them at no charge. There was a modest delivery charge for the floor mats, which I was happy to pay, as the total was still less than half what I’d be charged elsewhere for the same items. With a few hours of work, my car is reliable and looking almost as good as when I bought it.

In the sharing economy, customer feedback is critical to building a sustainable business. When you visit a seller on eBay Motors, you will see that merchant’s customer satisfaction rating posted in the top right corner of the page. All of the suppliers I chose to do business with had a rating of 99% or better. That’s your assurance that you are dealing with a reputable company that takes the needs of its customers seriously.

Return policies are also laid out clearly on the eBay Motors marketplace. Many merchants provide free shipping with all orders. Some also will pay return shipping charges if there is a problem. eBay also offers trusted, protection programs like the Vehicle Protection Program, Assurant Protection Program, and WeGoLook to put you at ease when purchasing either a vehicle or part. That’s peace-of-mind you don’t often find when dealing with brick and mortar stores. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it for a full refund with no hassle and no questions. That’s how sellers attain the high customer satisfaction ratings they need to be successful selling online.

Many products have a link you can click to get customer feedback on the item you are considering. You can shop by specific brands, bestselling items, deals or other filters relevant to what you’re looking for. Also, comparatively new to eBay are the product ratings and review features. That’s a huge help. For instance, while researching floor mats, I read the customer comments to get an idea of what I was looking for. A little research meant I ordered the exact part I was looking for.

Why do business with an eBay Motors online seller? To save time. A few minutes online can save an hour or more driving to an auto parts store, finding a parking space, and waiting in line to be waited on. You can find exactly what you’re looking for all-in-one destination, thanks to their vast selection of parts and vehicles.

eBay’s recent summer rollout of Guaranteed Delivery ensures delivery to US customers in three days or less on more than 20 million eligible items. Many of these items will ship for free and some products will be delivered even faster–in one or two days, guaranteed. Convenience and a satisfaction guarantee plus having your parts delivered right to your door are big plusses that make shopping for car parts easy.

Prices at eBay Motors are typically lower than you can find at local stores. No property taxes, lease payments, and insurance premiums mean the online retailer can sell for less. On many items, buyers can submit an offer lower than the listed price. The seller doesn’t have to accept your offer, but it could result in paying an even lower price than you expected. They also have great daily Motors deals.

Price, selection, free returns, guaranteed satisfaction — eBay Motors makes shopping for auto parts and accessories at a traditional auto parts store so last century.

This post was sponsored by eBay Motors; image from the author except Honda Civic image, from PixaBay