With less mass than the Model S, the Tesla Model 3 has some serious sporting potential- and that would be especially true if the car was offered with the same dual-motor, AWD setup found in the ludicrously fast Model S. Tesla hasn’t officially confirmed that a hi-po Model 3 is coming, of course, but one intrepid Redditor found this image, above, which depicts a Model 3 fitted with two motors that are handily highlighted in red.

The image was found lurking in the HTML code of the recently updated (invitation-only) Tesla configurator. And, while several users have posted screen grabs showing a dual motor option listed that’s now shown as arriving “Spring ’18,” this seems to be the first photographic evidence that the car is actually, like, for-real going to happen. It’s not the only evidence an all-wheel drive Model 3 is coming soon, though.



Of course, this is all speculation and hearsay based on an online configurator (read: toy) released by a company that had promised to deliver 20,000 Model 3s in December alone but barely managed to build 2,000 in all of 2017, so- yeah. Grain of salt and all that.

Despite any lingering Tesla negativity I may harbor, however, there is no denying that a dual-motor Tesla Model 3 will be super, stupid fast. Maybe I’ll get Chris DeMorro to come back for a test drive? We’ll see- until then, you know where the comments are. Let us know what you think!


Source | Images: Reddit, via Car Throttle.