2017 Ford Bronco (DIY version)

People have been buzzing about a new, body-on-frame SUV since the UAW leaked news about an all-new 2017 Ford Bronco a few months ago. Since then, our Bronco post has been consistently popular and I’ve gotten literally tens of emails asking me for more information about the car. The anticipation was too much for one man, however, and he decided to take matters into his own hands … by building his very own new Bronco.

Our intrepid modder started off as a recycler by making the most of a car he already had. Namely, a Ukrainian-market Lada Niva 4×4 that was manufactured by AutoVAZ. So, not the most auspicious of starts- but you can’t fault the man’s work ethic.


Turning an Old Lada into a New Ford Bronco

The end result is a much more modern-looking 4×4 Niva that could be mistaken for a current model. You know, if Lada made a current Niva 4×4. Which- I dunno. They might still make a Niva 4×4. This YouTube video makes it look like someone does, anyway.

Regardless of what this Niva/Bronco started as, however, it is very definitely now a kick-a** homage to Ford’s latest Bronco concept vehicle. Whether or not the actual production Bronco we end up getting in 2017 is something bare-bones like this or something softer and more living-roomy remains to be seen … but how cool would it be if Ford gave us something like this? Or just gave us the Brazil-market Troller?

You’ve got keyboards- let us know! Tell us what you think of one man’s DIY Ford Bronco project and what you hope (or fear) will happen to Ford’s “real” effort on its way from sketchpad to production in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


DIY Bronco Details

Source | Images: AutoforumCZ, via Jalopnik.