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This is the Motoped. Stop whatever meaningless thing it is that you’re doing right now and send these guys money. I’ll wait.

Did you do it? If you did, you can stop reading now. You’re awesome, and you recognize awesome when you see it. Well done, awesome guy/gal! Way to be awesome!!

If you didn’t, pay attention, because I’m going to tell you about one of the most exciting mopeds to come along in years. If you “get it” by the end of the article, there’s a chance you might, one day, be awesome. Ready? Here we go …

What you’re buying when you pick up a Motoped is actually a kit. It’s a frame, in other words, with all the difficult engineering like mounting points, swingarm, and the Motoped’s patented pedal-drive system already in place. From there, you can build the bike you see here using the bodywork, seat, and engine/transmission from a Honda XR50 mated to high-end dirtbike components, or you can go completely psycho and build your own Motoped.

To show the versatility of this “build-a-bike” kit, the makers of Motoped showed a 100+ MPG 50 cc 3-speed bike based on the XR50, and a MUCH faster 155 cc version also based on XR performance parts. Kits start at around $1,000 on the Kickstarter, which has raised about $31,000 of the $250,000 they’re seeking.

The whole concept of the Motoped is, actually, not that far from Honda’s own Grom 125 (aka: the most fun thing you can spend money on that won’t give you chlamydia). Where the Grom brings the fun of the kiddie-dirtbike you remember from kindergarten to your morning commute, the Motoped brings all the awesome action of a BMX downhill run to your morning commute. Both bikes prey on a particularly painful sliver of nostalgia that not everyone had … but those few who do have it have it BAD.

For me, it’s the Grom. Or the Motoped. Or, maybe the Grom. It’s the Grom … which I’ll ride to the bike shop to buy parts for the Motoped. That’s enough about me, though. Check out the photos and video, below.


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