I’d never heard of Italian bike builders, surf shop, and fashion house Deus Ex Machina before yesterday. And that, once you see some of their bikes, seems truly shocking because they are building the bikes that Gen X dreams are made of. For evidence, check this out. The most 80s of custom scooters: the Deus Ex Machina Honda EZ90 Cub Cubed.

Far from being a modified version of the honda EZ90 Cub, this is a custom-built bike made to invoke the look and feel of the 80s icon. Somewhere between a scooter and a dirtbike, the original delivered endless hours of schoolyard fun- but this bike, “a Cub Cubed” offers more. More power, for one. More speed. More of everything- even perfection! I can’t bring myself to ask how much it might be because, whether I can afford it or not, I’d probably end up buying it.

Are you listening, Honda? This is the kind of thing you need to build to get people back into motorcycles- not bikes for people who are afraid of bikes, like Yamaha and Can-Am. They’ll never stop being afraid.

But, hey- that’s just my opinion. What about you guys? Do think the Deus Cub3 is the kind of bike that would get Gen X butts onto bikes, or is it just more Stranger Things-esque nostalgia porn? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


The Deus Honda Cub Cubed

We don’t usually get inspiration from looks from the past, but with the Honda X-ADV as a starting point we got our ideas straight away. This sophisticated, powerful studded scooter brought the 1990’s to mind, when another Honda scooter wowed with its freshness and lines. This too was studded and out of the ordinary: the Cub EZ 90. In some ways it was almost a toy, and so we decided to “play” too, creating the Deus Cub3: a Cub cubed.

Creating the structure which faithfully copies the original lines but in XXL format, took hundreds of hours of hard work, beginning with the construction of a model from which the moulds for the carbon fibre fairings were made.

Collaboration with some excellent partners has been very valuable. Kaos Design helped with the definition of the model as well as the finishing touches and fairing colour schemes; Pirelli developed a new size of the excellent Scorpion Rally STR knobbed tyres; SC Project created the small and lighter exhaust which gives the bike a racing feel.


Source | Images: Deus Ex Machina, via Motorpasion.