The world of electric vehicles is getting bigger and bigger each day. As an EV enthusiast, that’s pretty exciting– only I’m not exactly an EV enthusiast. Or, maybe a better way of putting that is to say, “I’m not only an EV enthusiast.” I’m interested in almost all mechanical things, and I’m especially excited about weird mechanical things that were/are built in small volumes by clever people with an absolutely bonkers aesthetic. As all those things and (I like to think) more, I love the new Čezeta electric scooter.

If you look at this bike and it seems a bit like an old, Cold War-era, communist government moped– well, that just means you’re paying attention. “The Čezeta started life in 1957 at the height of the space age,” reads the Čezeta website, to give you a sense of how the Czechs see the bike. “Communist Czechoslovakia was a world superpower in motorcycle production and here was an idealogical need to deliver something better than Vespa. The final design was a brave one, a radical rocket design from Jaroslav František Koch – motorcycle racer and engineer. He called it the ‘Type 501’ … recognizable for its chic aerodynamic look, its style captured the excitement of Sputnik, Gagarin, and all the starry wonders of the 1950s. Home in Prague, we gave it its nickname ‘The Pig’, a fair comparison to the little Vespa, or ‘Wasp’.”

The styling, then, remains true to its roots. Which is to say that the modern Pig certainly looks like the Pig that’s been in production (off and on) for more than fifty years. That’s where the similarities end, though. The new bike is motivated (motorvated?) by a 15 HP electric motor incorporated into the scoot’s rear wheel. 6kWh of Panasonic lithium-ion batteries nestled inside the composite bodywork supply electricity, and are good for up to 75 miles of riding in between charges.

The battery and range are impressive specs on their own, but it’s also worth noting that the Čezeta 506 is impressively fast, too. Its 0-30 MPH (0-50 km) time of under 3.0 seconds and top speed of nearly 75 MPH puts this bike on the fast half of the 250 cc class scooters out there, and does so with zero emissions. Bigger, better, faster, more than the original, in other words– and cleaner, too!

According to the company, they’ve delivered about fifty examples of the Čezeta 506 electric scooter to customers since launching the company in 2018. That’s hardly enough to say they’re setting the world on fire, obviously, but it’s fifty more than Elio’s ever delivered, you know? What do you guys think? Is this little Cold War cruiser something you’d consider over an electric Vespa, or is it just way too weird for your taste? Check out the photo gallery, below, then let us know what you think of the Čezeta 506 in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Čezeta 506 Electric Scooter | Photo Gallery

Source | Images: Čezeta, via Motorcycle News.