Indian motorcycles aren’t usually thought of in the same sentence as high-tech, eco-friendly innovations. That’s a shame, too. Because the bikes are well-conceived, well-engineered, and now, they have some cool cylinder deactivation tech to show off in their 111ci Thunderstroke V-Twin engines, too.

Included as part of the 2019 Indian Chief, Springfield, and Roadmaster model bikes, the cylinder deactivation shuts off the rear cylinder in a bid to manage the heat that emanates from its engine. The idea is that this will make the bikes more comfortable to ride in traffic. At the same time, it should improve fuel economy and reduce emissions– if only just.


111 ci Indian Thunderstroke V-Twin

This version of stop-start technology will only work under certain conditions. Conditions that will probably seem familiar to any Volvo techs out there, in fact. Indian’s cylinder deactivation only happens with ambient temps. above 59 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, and only when the bike isn’t moving. Shifting into gear and rolling forward will immediately fire the rear piston. Which, you know, makes sense to me! Let us know what you think of Indian’s latest tech update in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Indian, via Asphalt and Rubber.