If you haven’t heard of Curtiss Motorcycles before, get wise– because these guys are building custom electric motorcycles that are the spiritual successors to choppers and cafe racers, but with (what I’ll call) a greater respect for technology. They are every bit the real deal, and their latest blood, sweat, and gears-based proof of that fact is the bike you see here: Zeus.

Curtiss Motorcycles has been working closely with Zero motorcycles to build this stunning machine and put it into limited production, and is currently taking $1000 deposits on the Zeus. The hope is that the bike’s unique styling and high-quality materials will help the company pursue its stated mission to “create sustainable, desirable, intergenerational, mean, clean, and green future-proof hot rod motorcycles” as it tries to corner the high-end of the emerging American electric motorcycle market.

With the Zeus, Curtiss Motorcycles certainly has a unique look– but it’s one that, they hope, will appeal to traditional riders as well as early adopters. To appeal to the aficionados, Curtiss’ designers looked to the company’s namesake for inspiration, and modeled the look of the bike’s electric power train after Glenn Curtiss’ 1907 V8 motorcycle. Curtiss notes this was the motorcycle that set the world speed record of the time with a 136 MPH pass … but the electric version should be faster.

Much, much faster.

The Zeus will be no slouch. The controller and motor package were developed with British engineering firm, YASA, and Curtiss says it will be good for nearly 220 HP (!). That is deep into superbike territory, guys– and 200 MPH could be a very real possibility with that kind of power.

Of course, there’s a lot more to performance than high power and low weight– no matter how much fun that combination can be. What do you guys think? Will Curtiss and Zero be able to deliver the goods? Will the speed and power that Curtiss is promising be enough to justify the lofty, $75,000 price tag the bike is expected to wear when it hits showrooms? Check out the photos and technical drawings from Curtiss, below, and let us know what you think of this “king of the electric motorcycles” in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Curtiss Zeus Press Photo Gallery


Curtiss Zeus Technical Drawings

Source | Images: Curtiss Motorcycles, via Autoblog.