As far as American cars go, only a handful have the staying power of the Ford Mustang. Introduced in 1964, the Mustang has captivated hearts and minds for decades and has cultivated an enormous aftermarket that means any and everything you can imagine doing is possible.

This includes converting a near-classic Fox-body Mustang into an all-electric personal commuter…and it can be yours for just $4,995.

American Muscle Powered By Electrons

I stumbled across this Sarasota craigslist advertisement on one of the larger Mustang forums, and the conversion certainly looks pretty clean. The drive system consists of a 144 volt battery setup of 12 12-volt Alpha gel cell batteries, an electric motor, a Curtis controller, and a clutchless five-speed manual transmission.

According to the seller, the flip-up sunroof, AM/FM radio, and custom instrument cluster all work on this one-of-a-kind Mustang, though highway driving range is limited to just 25 miles or so. In other words, this Mustang isn’t good for much more than putzing around town…but an upgrade to some lithium-ion batteries could easily double or even triple the range.

A Cooler, Kinder Commuter

I know this electric Mustang might rub some people the wrong way. But considering the abundance of underpowered, 4-cylinder Mustangs out there (mine among them), an EV conversion would actually be a pretty cool commuter car..and cheap too. The asking price is less than $5,000, and running costs can be measured in pennies a day.

As far as EV conversions go, this isn’t quite as cool as the GT-40 replica, or as fast as EV West’s BMW M3. There are even hybrid retrofit kits in development that could one day make converting your car to a hybrid as easy as bolting on an air filter. But in its own way, this electric Mustang is a pretty cool car.

Sure, you might be able to replicate this build on your own…but it wouldn’t be a bad base to get started on either. Could you see yourself rocking this muscle-car-turned-EV on a daily basis?

Source: Craigslist