Cost to Charge Electric Car Calculator (All 50 States)

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What is the “Cost to Charge Electric Car Calculator”?

The “Cost to Charge Electric Car Calculator” uses information about your vehicle and driving distance to calculate the total cost of energy to drive your vehicle in each state. The calculation is most accurate if you are planning to do a majority of your EV charging at home.

How does the calculator work?

1. Pick a vehicle from the dropdown list.
2. Select State where charging takes place.
3. Enter in the average daily driving distance (Miles). You’ll see a preview of what this equals annually.
4. After completing steps 1-3, you’ll see results load in the right section.


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Updated: October 2019

Disclaimer: does not endorse any companies or vehicles listed in the Electric Vehicle Energy Cost Calculator. Vehicle specifications and energy costs change frequently. Not all data has been verified. Consult a dealer or vehicle manufacturer before making purchasing decisions.