Confederate Cycles 2014 Calendar

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, Gas 2 is a green gear head blog. What that means is that we want to go 200 mph and rip across the quart-mile in about 9 seconds, we just happen to want our kids and their kids to be able to do the same … except, you know, maybe they’ll get into the 8s. That’s why we love motorcycles so much here at Gas 2. Compared to cars, they require fewer resources to build, less money to buy and operate, get better gas mileage than cars with comparable performance, and are (trust me) super fun. That’s why, when a company like Confederate Motorcycles pushes out a free calendar that promotes both motorcycles and unconventionally beautiful models, I figure we had to share it.

Confederate Motorcycles asks you to sign up for their newsletter before they’ll send over their free 2014 calendar. Still, if the calendar is the kind of thing you’d like to have, unsubscribing from Confederate’s list is pretty straightforward.

So, if staring at unconventionally beautiful motorcycles with unconventionally beautiful women draped over them is your thing, head on over and download the Confederate Motorcycles 2014 calendar. Fair warning, though, it’s a bit NSFW-ish, so you might want to know your audience before you bring them over to check it out. Otherwise, I’ve always been a huge fan of the $135,000 Confederate Wraith, so this is a no-brainer for me. Enjoy!


Source | Image: Confederate Motorcycles.