Electric cars have quickly gone from sideshow attraction to main stage in the global auto industry, and the wealthy are especially interested in electric luxury cars from companies like Rimac Automobili, whose Concept_One EV supercar boasts nearly 1,000 horsepower.

The Concept_One officially debuts this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show, and these initial images show a car that is sleek, edgy, and designed with an upper class clientele in mind. A unique drive system divides the propulsion units into four separate sub systems, each with its own motor, inverter, and reduction gearbox, each sub system driving a single wheel. Some basic math tells me that if the 1,088 horsepower claim is to be believed, then each electric motor is capable of delivering 272 horsepower to each wheel, independent of the others. That kind of power output puts it in the class of “hyper cars” like the Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg CCX, and the McLaren F1.

Of course a world-class interior and infotainment system is mandatory for a car of this caliber, and while no price point has yet been set…let’s just say if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. No doubt much of the pricing will come from the battery pack, which will purportedly offer600 km(about370 miles) of driving range, while providing a top speed of around190 mph.

More important than reducing carbon emissions though is the fact that the Concept_One, and other high-end EV’s, are suddenly appearing on the wish-list of many of the world’s wealthy individuals. These are the trend setters, and if they like electric vehicles…well, it is only a matter of time before EV’s really start to “trickle down” into the mainstream.

Source: Rimac Automobili



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