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Courtesy of Reuters, here is a list of cellulosic ethanol plants currently operating or under construction in the US. We’ve been following a number of these companies over the last year, and I’ve linked each company name to either something we’ve written about them or their company website.

For more background on cellulosic ethanol, see: Dedicated Energy Crops Could Replace 30% of Gasoline.

Operating cellulosic ethanol pilot plants:
 Company          Location          Capacity*   Feedstock
 -AE Biofuels            Montana           0.15        Corn, corn stover
 -KL Energy Corp         Wyoming           1.5         Wood
 -Poet                   S. Dakota         0.02        Corn cobs
 -Verenium               Louisiana         1.4         Bagasse
 Commercial scale plants not open yet:
 Company          Location          Capacity*   Feedstock
 -Abengoa Bioenergy      Kansas            30          Biomass
 -BlueFire Mecca Llc     Calif             17          Green waste
 -Colusa Biomass         Calif             12.5        Rice hulls
 -Gulf Coast Energy      Florida           25          Woody biomass
 -Mascoma Corp           Michigan          40          "      "
 -Poet                   Iowa              25          Corn cobs, stover
 -Range Fuels            Georgia           20          Woody biomass
 -US Envirofuels LLC     Florida           20          Sorghum, sugar cane
 -Verenium-BP            Florida           36          Energy cane, sorghum
 Pilot, or pre-commercial plants, not open yet:
 Company              Location          Capacity*   Feedstock
 -Abengoa                Nebraska          10          Corn stover
 -BlueFire               Calif              3.2        Green landfill waste
 -Citrus Energy Llc      Florida            4          Citrus waste
 -Clemson University     S. Carolina       10          Wood waste, algae
 -Coskata                Pennsylvania       0.04       Woody biomass, waste
 -Dupont Danisco         Tennessee          0.25       Switchgrass, stover
 -Ecofin Llc             Kentucky           1          Corn cobs
 -Fulcrum                Nevada            10.5        Municipal waste
 -GulfCoast Energy       Alabama            0.4        Wood Waste
 -Flambeau River         Wisconsin          6          Forest, paper waste
 -ICM Inc                Missouri           1.5        Switchgrass, sorghum
 -KL Energy Corp         Colorado           5          Wood pellets
 -Liberty Industries     Florida            7          Forest waste
 -NewPage                Wisconsin          5.5        Woody biomass
 -Pacific Ethanol        Oregon             2.7        Wheat straw, poplar
 -PureVision             Colorado           2          Corn stalks
 -RSE Pulp & Chem        Maine              2.2        Woody biomass
 -SunOpta                Minnesota         10          Corn stover, waste
 -University of Florida  Florida            2          Bagasse
 -West Biofuels          Calif              0.18       Wood chips
 *all capacity in million gallons per year
 (Sources: Biotechnology Industry Organization, individual companies)

Image Credit: fredthompson via Flickr under CC license.