Italian bike-builder Ohvale has a single goal. They exist to get people on two wheels, on a race track. Luckily, the best hope they have for achieving that goal is a product that the company actually makes. Meet the Ohvale GP-0 mini race bike– and get used to hearing that name, because the Ohvale GP-0 lineup is coming to America in 2019!

If you’re not already familiar with Ohvale, the bikes are full-on racers built for riders to hone their cornering skills on kart tracks. They’re not cheap, ranging from $4499 to $6899 for the 24 HP GP-0 190 version that MotoGP champion Marc Marquez and BSB rider Scott Redding (supposedly) train on. What you get for that money, though, is an absolute delight of bantamweight engineering. Just check out these pictures of the base Ohvale 110, below.


Ohvale GP-0 | Photo Gallery

The GP-0 is the first “mini-moto” style motorcycle that provides the real life feel of a larger racing bike within a compact and affordable platform. It allows riders access to practicing the extreme riding style required in todays professional racing championships while dramatically reducing the costs and transport inconveniences related to track riding.

Ohvale recently announced that Rise Moto would act the US distributor for the brand. For their part, Rise hopes to “change the landscape of youth road racing in the USA, as well as how veteran riders hone their skills” by selling a bunch of GP-0s. They seem to be pretty good at their jobs, too: the current order-to-delivery time is up to around 6 weeks, already.

For my money, I haven’t seen anything this exciting since the Honda NSR50R, and I might prefer this 4-stroker to that! What about you guys? Is this something you’d like to see your kids yourself on this weekend, or nah? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: Rise Moto, via Asphalt and Rubber.