As first reported by, Columbus Yellow Cab announced last week that it has purchased ten Tesla Model 3s to add to its fleet. The mid-sized taxi company currently owns about 170 cars, 20 of which are all-electric vehicles (EVs).

These newest additions to the fleet demonstrate Columbus Yellow Cab’s efforts to transition to cleaner transportation methods, as well as the company’s interest in further testing electric cars as taxis.

In an interview, Columbus Yellow Cab owner and CEO Morgan Kauffman told reporters that the company’s goal was “To show the feasibility of going electric and, potentially in the next few years, do it in a way that is carbon net neutral and make it convenient and appropriately priced.”

“We’ve been around for 91 years, and so we have served the city in every way we can, but we are showing that sustainability can be a part of everyone’s everyday life, and we want to lead by example,”  Kaufman further stated about the company.

Columbus Yellow Cab has previously indicated that their goal is to  eventually be an all-EV fleet,  and they would like to get there as soon as possible. The cars will hit the streets sometime in the next few weeks.

When considering the long range and the low price of the Model 3, it does appear to be the ideal vehicle for a taxi service.  Most taxis operate in urban environments, where speeds are low and cars are often left idling for long periods of time. EVs use very little electricity while idling, and do not generate emissions while doing so unlike their gas-guzzling counterparts.

Columbus is not the first city to see EV taxis on its streets. Several Taxi companies in Shenzhen, Southern China’s hi-tech center announced earlier this year that their fleets would be all-electric. London has seen roughly 2,500 EV  taxis put on the road over the past few years.  All around the world, taxi companies are recognizing the benefits  of having EVs in their fleets.

A report by last year noted that BIOS-groep, a taxi company operating in Amsterdam completed about 70% of the roughly 1 million taxi rides to and from Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport in 2018. As impressive as this is, what’s even more impressive is that all of these trips were handled by drivers in various Tesla models. BIOS-groep was one of the first taxi companies to invest in a majority EV fleet, purchasing 167 Model S Sedans in 2014.

According to Stef Hesselink, Managing Director of BIOS-groep, “The Model S have held up beautifully since they’ve been put to work in 2014, having an average of over 250,000-300,000 km on each odometer by the end of 2017.” The company added several Model X SUV EVs to their fleet in 2019.

We congratulate Columbus Yellow Cab on their purchase, and hope to see many more taxi companies make similar decisions in the near future.

What do our readers think about Columbus Yellow Cab, BIOS-groep, and all the additional taxi companies switching to EV fleets?  Will all taxi cabs eventually be all-electric, or will some companies opt to stick with more traditional vehicles? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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