Rep. Frank McNulty (R)

Colorado Republican Frank McNulty (and his ever-smiling sidekick, Rep. Jerry “come on, that has to be Botox” Sonnenberg) are kneeling before their corporate masters once again, and have moved to prevent towns in Colorado that have enacted fracking bans from getting severance tax revenues or grants- potentually punishing taxpayers within those fracking-free cities to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The two legislators are expected to have to spend more than $150,000 (of someone else’s money, of course) to get the punitive measure on the November 2014 ballot. By doing so, of course, they’ll be putting their own petty interests and the profits of their looting corporate bosses ahead of the safety of the people they were elected to represent, and put Colorado’s drinking water at extreme risk– as long as, you know, nobody starts exploring for natural gas wells near their property. In which case, they’ll probably sue.

Here’s more on the story from our friends at the DeSmogBlog, who are classy enough to not call Rep. Frank McNulty a pathetic, Koch-sucking s***bag on a public forum- which is not as easy as you might think, considering he blocked a study on the potential health risks associated with fracking just last week.


Colorado Legislators Seek to Punish Cities that Ban Fracking (via Desmogblog)

Fri, 2014-03-21 14:45Anne Landman Two Colorado legislators announced they are introducing a ballot initiative aimed at punishing cities and towns that vote to ban fracking within their borders. Rep. Frank McNulty of Highlands Ranch and Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg…