Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has shown talent at spinning a narrative to fit his version of reality, but his most recent attempt to flip flop on the auto bailout is meeting particular resistance after Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne flatly rejected a recent Mitt Romney ad as flatly “inaccurate”, and GM called it “politics at its cynical worst”.

The comments came after the Romney camp’s recent ad tried to attack the success of President Obama’s auto bailout by saying that the move had actually shifted jobs to China, rather than the 1 million jobs it actually saved here in the U.S. The auto bailout is largely seen as one of President Obama’s most successful initiatives, and is proving to be a boon to the President in Ohio, a critical battleground state in which President Obama has maintained a small but consistent lead throughout the election season.

Romney has been accused many times of bending the truth and being willing to say anything in order to get elected, and Marchionne, who repeatedly and publicly declared his desire to stay out of the political tussle this year, was compelled enough by the inaccuracy of the Romney ad to send emails out to all of Chrysler’s employees. He wrote, “I feel obliged to unambiguously restate our position: Jeep production will not be moved from the United States to China.” He further stated, “U.S. production of our Jeep models has nearly tripled since 2009”.

In Ohio, the Romney camp continues to run the ads, and persisted its attempt to reframe the auto bailout debate with inaccurate information despite Marchionne’s efforts and ongoing PR efforts by Chrysler. The Washington Post called the ad campaign “clearly misleading”, and Politifact called them “Wholly inaccurate”. GM even went so far as to call the latest Romney ads “politics at its cynical worst.”

You can’t fault Romney for trying. If he loses Ohio he would basically need a miracle to win the election, so this last ditch effort to convince voters can only really be seen for what it is: blatant desperation.

Here’s the Obama camp’s response to the misleading ads: