Founded by three Beijing engineers three years ago, Electroforce recently unveiled its first production electric motorcycle. Shown here, the Electroforce will reach dealers in Beijing and Shanghai this March, with a price tag of about 30,000 yuan (approx. 4900 USD).

Visually identical similar to the attractive and sporty Honda CBR250RR sold in the US, Asia, and Europe shown (in red, below) there is virtually zero chance of the Electroforce being sold outside of China in its current form. That’s a bit of a shame, really, since the bike appears to be cleanly built, with the “+” models offering a 60 MPH top speed and 90 mile range at a competitive price point. Still, even if the bikes stay in China, they could be part of a larger set of changes aimed at reducing Beijing traffic congestion and the area’s horrific air pollution.

Li Bin, secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers’ motorcycle section, said demand for high-performance motorcycles had been rising for a decade. “For example, sales of Harley-Davidson saw growth multiply in Beijing over the past few years,” Li said. “However, (Beijing’s) current ban on riding motorcycles on highways and major thoroughfares in large cities due to safety and pollution concerns had limited their use”, Li said, even while admitting the 2 wheelers were a viable means to ease traffic congestion.

The company hopes to expand their electric motorcycle business beyond China, eventually growing into Taiwan and the Philippines. There they can, maybe, avoid getting sued into the stone age by Honda’s massive and highly-motivated (read: well paid) legal team. Stay tuned for that fun- until then, enjoy the pics, below.


Sources | Photos: South China Morning Post, TechVehi.