One thing I’ve learned from hanging out on the Tesla Motors Club forum is that you’ll always get an answer to your question. The users may not always be polite about it as we mentioned here, but you’ll get your answer. After locating this Youtube clip of a custom holographic chrome wrap, I began wondering about less ostentatious options for wrapping Teslas. As per usual, the Tesla Motors Club forum did not disappoint

Ceramic Coating vs. Ceramic Wrap

It is probably important to distinguish between ceramic coating vs. ceramic wrap. I could give you my definition, but it’s probably easier just to quote “Zirak” from the Tesla Motors club forum:

“From what I’ve read so far:
1. Ceramic Coat keeps your car looking clean (bird poop, and small debris comes off easily), but it is NOT protection against paint chipping from small rocks and such hitting your car. These are generally cheaper (srstinting from Mississsauga does this for $1500 for 4 coats on your entire car with lifetime warranty). It also makes your car look nice and shiny.

2. PPF [Paint Protection Film] wrap costs much more, and depends on the material you pick, generally XPEL, 3M Pro, and SunTek are considered the best options to choose. XPEL seems to have the best warranty. Just to get the front side done (full hood, bumper, etc.) seemed to be quoted for about $1500 as well on srstinting’s site, but this may vary (not sure if the quotes on the site are accurate for all cars). Full body wrap was about $4500 IIRC. But this protects you from paint damage, but not against stuff like dents (e.g. someone hitting their door into your car).”

So there you have it: coating is cheaper, but won’t prevent damage to paint. Ceramic wrap is MUCH more expensive, but will protect your car from paint damage.

Why Not Both?

Please note that this isn’t an either/or decision. User “Vawlkus” claims to have a full Xpel wrap with ceramic coating on top of that. While north of $6,000 may seem like a hefty sum to pay for all of this protection, this user does live in Nova Scotia. My soft self can’t even fathom how cold it gets up there in the Winter, maybe all that extra protection is an absolute necessity.

All users of the forum who have had their cars coated and/or wrapped recommend that you have the work done as soon as possible. This stands to reason as the longer you drive the car, the more chances to damage it arise. Several forum users also stated emphatically that anyone considering a wrap use a licensed, reputable dealer. Another option is try get crazy and DIY. I personally would never be brave enough to try this but if you’re the adventurous type, I say go for it!

What experiences do our readers have with ceramic coating/ceramic wrapping? Any success or horror stories out there that you would like to share? Would you ever consider applying a wrap on your own? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

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