For the past half-century, the United States has been a leader in many of the technologies we have today. The US is instrumental in research and funding in many fields. So, it comes as no surprise that US companies also popularise electric vehicles. So far, the US is leading in the electric vehicle industry. They lead the transition from fossil fuel as a source of transportation fuel to a sustainable and environmentally friendly source, electric energy.

With the US’s edge in the electric car market, which electric vehicles does the US manufacture? Let’s find out!


Tesla Inc. is an American electric car manufacturing company founded in 2003 and located in Palo Alto, California. Tesla has grown to become a leader in the electric car industry. Their goal is to accelerate the transition from traditional automobiles to sustainable electric vehicles. Tesla is doing all it can to make electric cars affordable for everyone. So you should soon have yours if you don’t already!

Tesla cars are sophisticated with a lot of high tech features. Some of the most exciting features of Tesla include:

  • Streaming Services: Tesla comes with a full entertainment suite that includes streaming services. Since your Tesla connects to the internet, you can also audio-stream from service providers such as TuneIn and Slacker. With such services, you can create playlists and personalize radio stations, so you always listen to your favorite shows while on the go.
  • Over the Air Updates: The Tesla software updates regularly the same way our mobile applications update; via the internet by downloading the updates and installing them. It is one of the key features that has enabled Tesla to improve its fleet continuously.
  • Autopilot: It is a driver-assistant program capable of driving the car with the human driver’s supervision. The autopilot is advanced and capable of moving the car from one point to another; however, Tesla advises drivers to remain vigilant and keep their hands on the wheel, ready to take control of the car should something go wrong.
  • The Tesla App: You can use your Tesla mobile app to lock and unlock the car from any distance. It connects to the car via the internet. Using the app, you can view the charging level of your car. You can also set the temperature of your car via the application even before you get inside it.

Chevy Bolt EV

The Bolt EV is an electric vehicle offered by Chevrolet, which began selling electric cars in 2010. The Chevy Volt’s earlier electric car model was the top-selling electric car in 2012 and 2013. The Chevy Bolt was designed to be long-range and launched in 2016. The Chevy Bolt has remained among the three top-selling electric vehicles. It is affordable, with a starting price of $36,620 with a long-range of 259 miles.

Some of the features of the Chevy Bolt EV include:

  • Level 3 DC fast Charging: with DC fast charging, you can charge 80% of your battery in one hour. That’s charging at 55kW. The Level 3 DC fast charging is available at public charging stations such as a shopping mall parking lot. This fast charging means that you can quickly boost your Bolt EV battery whenever you are at a public charging station. The disadvantage of the DC fast charging is that you cannot charge it at home because the power demand is high.
  • Chevy Mobile App: The Chevy Bolt comes with a mobile app that serves as a travel companion. With the application, you can view your battery level when charging. The app also provides information about the availability of charging stations and suggests the best route for your travels.

 2020 Fusion Plug-in Hybrid Titanium

Ford produces the 2020 Fusion Plug-in Hybrid Titanium electric vehicle, and it’s one of their latest electric vehicles. Its top features include:

  • Ford Co-Pilot 360: It is a standard driver assistant software that helps in essential driving functions such as the Lane-Keeping System, the Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Braking System, and the Rear View Camera.
  • Entertainment Systems: The Fusion Plug-in Hybrid Titanium provides an audio system from Sony with 12 speakers and HD radio. On top of that, there is a voice-activated navigation system at your beck and call. You won’t be bored when you go for a ride out of town!
  • Perimeter Alarm.
  • SecuriCode Keyless Entry Pad.
  • SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System.

Others: Coming Soon

The Lucid Air is a purely electric vehicle that will be manufactured by Lucid Motors starting 2021. Their manufacturing plant is already at an advanced construction stage in Arizona. The Lucid Air promises to be a great electric car. It will come with an estimated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating above 500 miles, meaning you will be able to travel 500 miles on a single full charge of your battery. It will also feature a driver assistant called DreamDrive.


So far, the top best-selling EVs are from the US, and I believe that their continuous drive to innovate and find solutions to problems will continue to keep them ahead of competitors. Tesla is currently years ahead of all its competitors.