Ferrari. Porsche. Even Bugatti is going green. But Carroll Shelby? Never! Wait, what’s that? They’re building a Shelby bicycle?!?! Wow, that’s just wild. Does that mean green wins?

Well no, not quite, but I think it says volumes about the day and age that we live in where the Carroll Shelby collaborates with Felt Bicycles to build a limited-edition bicycle (for a cool $999.) What is surely the greenest Shelby vehicle ever produced is actually all Felt underneath, with a hydroformed aluminum tank frame sitting on top of two high-performance tires and paired with high-performance three-speed internal gearing. In other words, it’s a performance bicycle decked out in the classic Shelby colors of Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue. Just like any bonafied Shelby product, each bike is individually numbered and entered into the Shelby registry.

There’s probably a few of you wondering who the hell this Shelby guy is. Long story short, he was Ford’s go-to guy for fast cars during the height of the muscle car movement. Among his many creations are the GT350 and GT500 Mustangs and most popular of all, the Cobra roadsters. And while this bike may not be overtly green, I can not imagine Shelby even considering such a project a decade ago. These days though, nothing is off the table. Think we’ll ever see a hybrid Shelby?

Source: Autoweek

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