Carbon-Monocoque Electric Bike Might Be Worth Price of Admission

Carbon-Monocoque Electric Bike Might Be Worth Price of Admission

If you think the twin disc brake setup of the LEAOS pedal-electric bicycle hints at the bike’s performance, you’re right. With a 36V 250W electric assist helping you push the pedals through an 8-speed Shimano Alfine gearest, this high-end, carbon monocoque bike is more than capable of blitzing through modern day traffic with (what promises to be) as much “go” as a small scooter.

If you’re an experienced roadie who can kick out 200+ watts on your own, the bike will be faster still!

In addition to the Formula 1-style carbon construction and integrated battery, the unisex LEAOS sports other high end features like the previously mentioned twin disc brakes, leather saddle, and premium lightweight wheels and road tires. The step-though design should make it easy for everyone from skinny-jean hipsters to skirt-wearing professionals, which should be perfect for the bike’s high-end price tag and European target market.

The LEAOS electric bicycle is expected to sell for about 4800 USD, based on current exchange rates.

Source: Techvehi.

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